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Sep 10, 2016

LVL 6 - The Guard is Busy

 Start Location
 Talking Island Village
 Start Npc
 Captain Gilbert
 Yes (Solo)
6000 soulshots or 3000 spiritshots

1) The quest starts in Talking Island village just outside the east gate with Captain Gilbert. If you agree to help him he will give you Gludio Lord's Mark and send you to collect orc amulets, werewolf fangs, and orc necklaces. 

2) Orcs and werewolves are found pretty much all over the island north and southwest of the Obelisk of Victory. Kill them to collect the items . One is enough, but if you want get some adenas per item you can collect how many as you want.


3) When you are ready to turn in the items speak to Captain Gilbert back at town again and he will reward you with adena for the quest items, and you will earn 3,000 spirit or 6000 soulshot as the newbie reward for characters under 25.